How to get rid of the Climacteric Countess bun

Waking up after New Year is always exciting because the feeling you have of something totally new is going to happen. But is that really the truth? You wake up and take a look at your bulge in your stomach area, the countess bun that still is hanging around your belly and never seem to let go. You grab it with both your hands to feel how big it has become and you make a promise to the countess bun to get rid of her fast. You want to be able to zip the button on your trousers without the countess hanging over the edge. She cannot stay. Your new year intention is to getting rid of her. In this article I will give you some great ideas to how you can get rid of the Climacteric Countess Bun.

The Climacteric Countess bunny


The problem is she likes you to hang out with you too much, because you are so kind to her. You feed her and she is constantly hungry and telling you to cook delicious food to her. As long as she is happy, you are happy.

She loves New Year, Winter holiday, Easter, National holidays, Birthdays, Passover, Summer holidays, Thanksgiving or Christmas or Saturdays in the sofa watching film. She hates jogging, long walks and strength training and to little food.

The Countess helps you to find the best ever excuses for not giving it to her. And most of the time she wins the battle you have in your mind. You know she wins when she is hanging over the border of your trouser or skirt.

Be the grown up

The problem is my friend; Your kindness to her is killing your own confidence and health if you let her get her will all the time. She has no idea when to say stop. She is almost like a little child who does not know what is best for her. She has no choice but to take whatever you serve her. And she constantly craves more. But enough is enough. You need to be the grown up in this relationship. You need to give her some rules and take the control.

You do not like to see yourself in the mirror anymore because she is hanging there screaming at you to give her some more. This morning You are screaming back to her – You are not my friend anymore! It is either me or you and it has to be you.

Yes! of course, she is going to react like a teenager and think you are the most stupid person on the planet. She is going to constantly remind you about that. You just need to learn to ignore it and not give in to her tantrums.

A new healthy belly mindset

It’s a new year. You have planned to get a new mind set about your belly. You are going to get rid of that countess bun, belly pot, belly muffin or what ever It is called. I know! It’s not that easy. Believe me. I have been there and done that.

Tell me. How are you going to go about it? Have you even given it a thought or even made a plan? If you have, you are one of the extraordinary people on this planet.

9 out of 10 only stay with the thought according to statistics. But you do not want to be one of those 9 who only wish for it to happen. Do you? You want to be the one who actually take action and do something about it! Am I right?

After you are 35 your body starts to change. Your eggs are getting reduced and you are more likely to gain fat in your body because of many factors I mentioned in my previous article What is a climacteric woman?

So what does the science say about this? You are more likely to put on weight around your hips and thighs after 35. This climacteric weight gain is related to age, lifestyle and to your genes. This means you need to be aware of this to be able to do something about it. You cannot ignore it if you want to get rid of your countess bunny

General tips

The generally tips for getting rid of that countess belly bun is to sit less, move more and to eat more protein and fiber.


Where did the countess bun come from?

1. Your belly fat comes from lack of exercise, good nutrition and the decline in your estrogen.

2. The decline in your estrogen increase your body fat and you will get that climacteric menopausal muffin top that no one wants.

3. According to methodic institute the fat storage patterns change during the climacteric and the abdominal fat and the visceral fat increases.

Getting rid of belly fat is a Science


Photo: Unsplash

You need to understand what happens with your little countess muffin during the post climacteric and the climacteric.

So, what really happens is a change in estrogen. This can lead to something called estrogen dominans.( Which basically means that it’s a lot of estrogen. Or imbalance in your estrogen levels which is higher than your progesterone levels) Estrogen dominans combined with your eggs being reduced is linked to abdominal fat. This imbalance creates a risk of getting more visceral fat in the post climacteric.

Another thing that happens in your body is a change in your cortisol formation and insulin resistance and insulin signaling This also creates a higher risk of getting abdominal fat.

Leptin is the hormone that will tell you if you have had enough to eat. And when the leptin changes, the leptin patterns changes. The leptin button that normally tells you your stomach is full is not longer working properly. Leptin resistance is then a fact. Leptin resistance is also linked to a higher intake of eating carbs. So what to do about it? I know you want to get rid of that belly muffin just as much as I do.

What can you control?

1. You can change what you eat.

2. And when you eat we you to think about eating food that can influence your insulin levels positively.

3. Eat food that is rich in antioxidants.

4. You should stay away from alcohol.

I know you can do it and I can do it to If we set our clever minds to it .

I think the most important thing you can do is to move more and not jump into the sofa right after coming home from work because you know what they say – that the sitting is the new Smoking?

And did you know 75 chronic diseases are linked to sitting?

You don’t want to get any chronic disease because you have an amazing life to live. Am I right?

So let’s change this year. Let us make this the best year ever!


Loss of Muscle mass after 50

Let’s move more and let’s train more because you know when we hit 50 our muscle mass also reduces and we need to think about it. So I think training is a good idea.

I will get back to that because there is another factor that is really important for climacteric women namely Sleep.

The Climacteric Sleep loss Struggle

To get quality sleep and enough sleep can be a huge struggle for climacteric women

Because of the hot flashes an overactive bladder and the urge to go to the loo often, your sleep gets disrupted which is not healthy or comfortable state to be in.

You always feel tired and you has no feeling to move or do anything.

I think you can relate to that somehow if you are a climacteric woman.

Get more quality sleep


One thing, and the most precious thing, is to get more quality sleep.

8 hours of quality sleep have a very positive effect on accumulating fat. Did you know That?

With 8 hours of sleep you accumulate less fat than with 7,6,5 hours of sleep etc.

There is no doubt that belly fat is hard to lose after 35.

The only thing I know is that I want to prepare myself as well as I can because I don’t want to have a big belly muffin.

I have already started to get a little countess bunny friend and I want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

So I have been doing some research about what you and I can do to get rid of that irritating belly countess.

What I found

I’m not inventing the Wheel here but I have found some diets, exercises, books and equipment that could be of interest for you if you want to get rid of that little countess bun in front of your body.

10 Popular diets that works

I Have found a mix of some popular diets that have seemed to work for many climacteric women. I have searched through women forums, social media and asked my climacteric friends what they recommend doing. Here are 10 diets that I found that was popular. However, I have not gone into the details of every program here so you have to judge for yourself if this is something you could think of trying out and what suits you best.

1. Keto Diet – Get your Custom Keto diet plan. This diet is really good and I have tried it myself.

2. The smoothie diet – Delicious, Easy-To-Make Smoothies For Rapid Weight Loss, Increased Energy, & Incredible Health!

3. Soup diet – Easy and nutritious and will give you a rapid weight loss.

4. Carbcycling – I lost 13,5 kg in 3 months – so this works for me who has a metamorf body type that easily gain weight.


This is not really a diet, but users of the product claim it helps reduce weight by drinking  crystal infused water.

Photo: Vitajewel

5. Hypnotic Habits – An Empowering Program Developed Using Positive Habit Acquisition, Hypnosis And Metaphysics

6. Always eat after 7 PM – Free book! – The Revolutionary Rule-Breaking Diet That Lets You Enjoy Huge Dinners, Desserts, And Indulgent Snacks—All While Burning Fat Overnight

7. The 5 – 2 Diet I have personally used this diet and it is very effective .The 5- 2 Diet – Kate Harrison

*Amazon Disclaimer: Climacteric Women is an Amazon Affiliate and by clicking through my links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase. When you click on these links data is collected by Amazon to track clicks, your behavior on amazon and for analytical and affiliate payment purposes

10. The Flat belly Fix – This Super Simple Morning Habit “Accidentally” Melted 84 LBS Of Fat

11. Keto for Women over 50*Amazon Disclaimer: Climacteric Women is an Amazon Affiliate and by clicking through my links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase. When you click on these links data is collected by Amazon to track clicks, your behavior on amazon and for analytical and affiliate payment purposes

Get the book Keto For Women over 50


You might also read some weight loss reviews:

Weight loss products really work! Click here for more

Have you heard about or tried any of these diets?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below if you have tried out any of them.

The one that helped me most  was the carbcycling diet .

It helped me loose my unwanted countess bun and feel more energetic combined with more activity.


Helpful exercises for climacteric women

Kris Fondrans Shapeshifter Yoga

The Yoga Burn Challenge – Yoga tips for a tiny belly

Bellydancing course or any type of dancing would benefit you and make you feel more energetic.

Tai Chi benefits for women in climacteric menopause

Tai chi is a very good exercise for climacteric women and a very pleasant form of training with soft movements.

Taking a daily 40 minutes walk will keep you in a good shape

Swimming is good and you will use all the muscles in your body.


E books for Women – The Woman Book Store

There are many books you can read to find great tips. If you like to read E books like me, you can take a look in the woman book store below.

You will find many interesting books here

It is a great way to stress down with a good E book when you have your daily self kindness hour.

I will recommend you to read a book I have read called Get rid of menopause belly fat.

Womens eBook Store

Photo: Print screen made in canva of the women Bookstore main front

The battle of the Belly Bulge

Doing all of these things, do you think we will really win the belly bulge battle?

Do you believe YOU can win the battle against your countess bun? Of course, you can.

Do not let her tell you otherwise!

The Battle of the bulge is the battle of the belief in the battle of getting rid of the belly muffin top

There are a lot of names women have put on this problem.

However, it is a constant battle to get rid of the upper belly bulge and the lower belly bulge.

Mission Belly Bulge

This mission is totally possible to do something about and get a positive result.

✅ You can count calories. .

✅ Get a Kitchen Weight.

✅ Get a calorie counter.

✅ Write a food diary.

You know some years ago I was a bit overweight and I started to write a food diary and bought a kitchen weight and a calorie counter. You want to get rid of that dreaded muffin pot and this is a good method that works.


Get your Mission Possible Package

I have found some great products as mentioned above. All you need to do is to get started.

1. A Kitchen weight helps you make proper portions

2. A smart watch that have a Calorie Counter, Sleep monitor and other great features so you can track your health 24/7.

3. A food journal is great for logging your meals and more. 

4. A training program of your own choice

Personally I use my fitness Pal to track my progress and measure my daily macros.


Weight Training building muscle mass and prevent climacteric muscle loss and get a flat belly.

I recommend doing some weight training and move more building up your muscle mass. Please advice your doctor before you start any training. You know, after you turn 50 you start loosing muscle mass fast. Just getting out of that sofa helps a lot.

It is easy to blame that muffin on your belly on all other things than yourself or on the climacteric. The truth is that you are responsible for your own lifestyle, for what you choose to eat every day and how much you move every day. The sad truth is that you are responsible for how your belly looks or in other words how much primadonna your belly gets to play.

You cannot blame It solely on the climacteric symptoms. It’s all up to you how you manage it on a daily basis.

Mission Possible – Training Package Tips to Avoid Muscle loss

A Pilates bar kit is a great tool for climacteric Women to use at home and even bring along outdoors.

A dumbbell set is also good for training muscles at home

A training Machine is perfect for getting your muscles back in shape

I love Rowing machines because you use many muscles in your body.

Mission Possible – Free Tips to get rid of the countess belly bulge

1. Take a fast Walk for 40 minutes a day after dinner.

2. Eat smaller portions with healthy food

3. Consume more fiber and fewer carbs

4. Drink more water

5. Get Quality Sleep

Vita Jewel bottle

Photo: VitaJewel

Final discussion – Mission Accomplished

in this article I have given you some useful information How to get rid of the Climacteric Countess bun, about climacteric belly fat and how to get rid of it. Now it is up to you If you want to do something about it. I know I am going to do something about it .

I am going to find the solution that works for me and I think you should find something that will work for you.

Are you ready to blast your belly fat in 2024 and say goodbye to your little or big belly Bun? I know I am .

Follow my Weekly tips and I will do my best to give you helpful information tips, special offers and exercises during 2021 that will help you in your climacteric process.

Thank you for reading my blog.

I hope that you became a bit wiser and happier today and that you will read my next article that is coming soon.

Should you have any questions or want to leave a helpful comment please leave them in the comment section below.

I have to remind you of the fact that I’m not a doctor I do not give any health advice.

I’m just asking questions and writing my thoughts, research and experiences about the climacteric process and I will always advice you to go to the doctor if you have health related problems or if you are going to start with any new products. I think it’s a good idea to have a conversation with you Doctor before you start on a diet or regarding anything that concerns your health.

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8 thoughts on “How to get rid of the Climacteric Countess bun”

  1. Hi Hilde, I can confirm what you are saying. I am a menopausal woman, and a lot of menopausal problems hit me. Now I am fine because I have completely adjusted my lifestyle. First of all, the Paleo diet is the best for us. 80 % should be vegetables and fruits, organic of course. Then we really need to move. You are so right, and what you have suggested is absolutely true. I can confirm it. Also, it is great to consume flaxseed to get phytoestrogen. That helps a lot! Lots of omega -3s. It is important to eat and live healthily. Great article! You have me going!:)

    • Hi Sylvia! Glad to hear I keep you Going! How great to hear that you have been Using the Paleo diet. It is a great diet . But as with all dieting you should always confer with your doctor. Moving more is definitely a small thing we all can do that can give huge changes. 

      You can not sit and wait for the energy to come. You need to get out of the sofa and start moving every day to create more energy. You are so right about that Sylvia. The Rain Soul coldpressed seed products are amazing. They contain all Omega 3 and omega 6, the minerals, vitamins and 8 of the 9 Aminoacids you need every day. Keep on going Sylvia! 

  2. Well I certainly don’t want to get that muffin top ever. I actually bought some of those dumbbell sets and found they work great and are super easy to adjust. Keeping track of my calories proved very helpful to my overall success in weight loss. I’m not really a diet type of person but I did find that eating healthy and keeping track of what I needed to be eating, instead of what I wanted, got me to where I wanted to be. Thank you for this review, it can truly help a lot of people in need.

    • Awesome Christian! Counting calories works for sure combined with exercise. Dumbbells are great. I have a set at home as well. And I use it every day. It does not help to have one if you do not use it :). I have never been the diet type either. Was always active and slim enough before I turned 45, but the last 5 years I have to battle with my hormones. Getting older means you burn fat slower as well. Thank you for leaving my thoughts Christian! Much appreciated!

  3. Thank you Hilde for this post. I am currently going through menopause. I can hold unto the countess bun on both sides of my tummy. The Christmas and new year holidays did not help this matter. Now I have to stop the sugary foods and get onto a healthier diet with lots of exercise. 

    • Hi Juliet! I can totally relate to that. Staying away for sugar is a great way. But you have to remember there are sugar in almost everything these days. I hope you got inspired by some of the diets I mentioned above in my post.  Take care while exerising. You do not want to start to hard. Then you will only get demotivated when you can not keep up with it. Find a good training routine you can live with over time. So it is easy to be consistent. Thank you for reading my post and your comment! Much appreciated!

  4. Hi there,

    I found your article very interesting. Thank you for sharing it!

    I am getting through menopause, so I really need to eat healthier and exercise more than I do. I loved your suggestions, and I am going to follow some of them. Since I walk a lot, I need a smartwatch, the one on your list seems great. I am going to take a look at Amazon. 

    Thank you again for this useful post. I have bookmarked it!

    • Hi Daniella! Walking is a great way to get rid of the countess bun. There is an ocean of smartwatches out there, but this one have all you need to monitor your health. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I am glad you found it useful.


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