Hot Stone Treatment benefits for climacteric women

Are you a climacteric woman struggling with sleep? Sleep deprivation is a typical Climacteric symptom many women struggle with. Hot flushes are often associated with climacteric women, but did you know that Hot stone Treatment can help Sleep deprivation? In this article Hot Stone Treatment benefits for climacteric women I will take a closer look at this and share with you how what Hot Stone Treatment is and hot stone benefits for climacteric women.

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What is Hot Stone Treatment ?

Tourmaline Stone
Hot Stone Treatment benefits for climacteric women Photo: Photo of Tourmaline made in Canva

Shortly told Hot Stone Treatment is a natural therapy form that uses a combination of gemstones, Far infrared Therapy, Negative Ion therapy and Photon Therapy and Pulsed electromagnetic Therapy to channel heat to your body. All are natural and developed by sleep experts. In this post I will take a closer The Hot Stone Treatment benefits and how this can help climacteric women.

How does Hot Stone Treatment work?

Jade Stone
Hot Stone Treatment benefits for climacteric women . Photo: Photo of Jade made in Canva

The gemstones channel heat 4-6 inches deep into muscles and tissue and the negative ions attract the harmful positive ions by pulling them down to the floor. The photons use the red photon light to relieve pain, inflammation and restore the bio magnetic imbalance in our bodies according to HealthyLine. The Hot Stone Treatment benefits are said to help relaxation in the body and give you an overall feeling of wellness.

Hot Stone Treatment Benefits

Obsidian stone
Hot Stone Treatment benefits for climacteric women – Photo: Photo of Obsidian made in Canva

The benefits of Hot Stones Treatment is clear to be overall wellness, Relaxed muscles in shoulders and neck, removal of harmful metals, help reduce blockages in the body, release toxins and inflammatory effects and help to balance our biorhythm and create a better energy flow in our bodies.

GemStones seems to have a positive and calming effect on our thoughts and therefore also our feelings and bodies .


There is no science that can prove that this can cure diseases or ill conditions in our bodies according to several scientific Crystal studies done.

The gemstones used in Hot Stone Treatment

Amethyst stone
Hot Stone Treatment benefits for climacteric women. Photo: Photo of an amethyst made in Canva


A Violet to deep purple quartz stone that has been used in medicine since ancient Greece for preventing intoxication. It was also used by Europeans soldiers to become cool-headed, and used in watches and clocks due to its regular vibrations. The Egyptians used it for decorations and in clothing. And is essential in Feng shui to clear bad vibrations.

It is a natural conductor of FIR and negative ions. Amethyst is a piezoelectric material. It means that it can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and have therefore been used in devices like Televisions, microphones, generators, and even nanotechnology.

It emits a magnetic field and far infrared rays also called FIR. The benefits of Far Infrared Rays were discovered by William Herschel. Hershel s studies showed that stones had different levels of heat depending on what color it had.

Amethysts are said to have a calming effect and relieves stress. It has also been used to help people with sleep deprivation

Jade is a greenish gemstone that consist of two types of rock that amplifies the effects of other gemstones and are also a conductor of FIR just like the Amethyst. It has been regarded as an Imperial gem in China and many places in Asia because it symbolizes wealth and power.

Tourmaline is a colorful gemstone and have pyroelectric properties which means it is magnetic.

Obsidian is volcanic glass made from quickly cooled Lava and have a dark color. It has been used for creating tools, mirrors and decorative items for ages. Studies on rats done with obsidian shows that obsidian incisions produce fewer inflammatory cells and less granulation tissue. In alternative medicine it is said to give protective energy and healing.

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No More Sleepless nights with hot stone treatment?

Hot Stone Treatment benefits for climacteric women

Whether it is scientific proven or not, it seems like gemstones somehow gives us humans some tranquility of mind just by looking at them. Don’t you Agree?

The colors, the shapes and the feeling of holding them, wearing them or being massaged or meditate with them.

There is something about stones that fascinates us and have a profound calming effect on our thoughts and feelings.

Just by becoming more tranquil our emotional state changes. And our positive emotions and feelings have of course a healing effect on our bodies.

We feel more well and therefore we become more well. This profound calming effect will help us sleep better and easier. The better we feel the less stress and pain will we feel.

Hot stone benefits for climacteric women.

I do believe that stones can have a healing effect on people of all ages even if it is not proven by science to have any medical effects. It is a more healing effect on our feelings and thoughts that we associate with stones.

You may call it a placebo effect if you want, but as long as you feel better, then the stones have done their job. There is a reason why people of all ages have decorated themselves or their environment with gemstones.

Gemstones are beautiful and appeal to our senses positively.

Gemstones have been used in tools of all kinds and been seen on royalties for ages. They have been valuable on the marketplace and still is. Gemstones are a manifestation of a profound vibration that we can feel with our senses, but hard to prove.

For climacteric women it can be a calming and a way to stress down and feel relief to get a Hot Stone Treatment.

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6 thoughts on “Hot Stone Treatment benefits for climacteric women”

  1. Hi there,

    A very interesting article about gemstones and sleep. To be honest , I had to look up the word ‘climacteric’ in I didn’t know what it meant, but I see now that you menopausal women? I am going through those issues as we speak and it sure is no fun 🙂 . I’m not actually sleep derivated, but I am under the impression of not having enough really deep sleep, would hot stones keep me from waking up because of hot flashes , would you think? I am willing to give it a try for sure, so thanks for this extensive post!

    • Hi Lizzy! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes the climacteric state is the whole process from when you start menstruating until you stop in the wide sense of the word. And there are many symptoms related to this process. Menopause is just a part of it. Sleep quality is often a symptom many struggle with and is of course no fun at all when you constantly feel low energized. Hot stones are not a proven cure and is no guarantee for getting rid of hot flushes or other symptoms. However they have been used for ages to relieve stress, increase energy and make you feel tranquil which can have a positive effect on your sleep quality. I think the only way to find out if it will help you is to try it out.

  2. This is a very interesting blog post on hot stone treatment benefits, I found your information very helpful for women. I am sure this is going to help many of your women readers, how I ended up reading this is I am interested in natural health treatments.

    I am curious how did you ever think of this topic for this post, do you happen to suffer or used to from sleep deprivation? I will sharing this for others to learn from you, I thank you once again so so much awesome information.

    Loved your article,


    • Hi Jeff! How cool that you landed on my page! Many men seems to find my website interesting – not only women and I think that is really awesome! How did I find this topic? Well I am in a preclimacteric state myself and have had some sleep issues as well as a major burnout from stress. 

      I heard about it through a friend who had tried hot stones and used some of the healthyline products and urged me to try it out. Well I did some research on the matter to find the best natural ways for me  to reduce my climacteric symptoms. Hot stones are definitely a natural way used for centuries, but it is not a proven method. 

      Personally I like the tranquile feeling gemstones give me and I love the healthyline products because they use gemstones. I hope that answered your question Jeff? Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi Hilde. Very interesting article. Unfortunately for a while now I have problem with sleep and I do think its related to climacteric. I tried may different supplements but to be fair I wasn’t fully satisfied with results. And there is also question how these medicines affect my health. That’s why I like your post so much. I didn’t heard before about hot stones treatment, but its looks as effective and natural way to deal with sleep problem. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    • Hi Cogito! Hot stone Treatments have a tranquilizing effect according to testiomonials and my own experiences with it. Sleep problems are quite common and does not need to be a climacteric symptom. There are many causes like stress, sorrow and worries to mention a few. But luckily there are natural treatments that help. Also a good sleeping schedule. Personally I have had sleep problems earlier in my life due to immense stress Now it is because of Climacteric symptoms like hot flashes, overactive bladder and kneepain.


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