What is Climacteric Brainfog?

Are you a woman 40 + and often wake up in the morning feeling foggy in your head? And it lasts out through the day as well? It could be climacteric brainfog. What’s climacteric Brainfog? I heard this expression used by many climacteric women a lot so today I would like to address this issue to see what causes it and if there is anything to do about it.

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Brain fog in the morning


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You wake up in the morning and your head feels so cloudy. It feels like you have a real hangover. And it does not seem to go away. You feel like a car stuck in the first gear. That is what my friends say when they describe to me what a brainfog is. Does not sound like fun does it? Have you ever experienced this yourself?

When I heard my climacteric friends talking about brainfog I suddenly remembered a similar experience I had myself many years ago when I was burned out from stress and had problems sleeping. After a while I started to feel foggy in my head and it affected my whole day. It went away when I stopped stressing. Could it be that I had a brainfog?

I also had baby lag while breastfeeding my children – is that the same as a brainfog?

Have you ever felt like this? Feeling you are walking around like a zombie all day?

Not a very comfortable experience if you ask me.

Why does my brain feel foggy?

I often wondered about this when I had my burnout due to stress years ago. I found out that stress and lack of sleep can trigger a brainfog. Some of my climacteric friends might have a brainfog due to stress while it does not quite fit on all of them. So can the climacteric actually trigger a brainfog as well? Let us find out if there is such a thing as a climacteric brainfog.

Brainfog definitions

1. I did a quick Google search and here is one definition: “Brainfog is the inability to have a sharp memory or to lack a sharp focus. You just really feel like you’re not yourself and you’re unable to think clearly. That can encompass a lot of different medical conditions and issues”

2. Wikipedia refer to it as a clouding of consciousness

3. Cambridge English dictionary describes it as a condition in which you can not think clearly or pay attention to things in a satisfactory way

4. Medical dictionary explain  Brain Fog

Brainfog causes

Science is not very conclusive on this and there is still many open and unexplored areas in this field it seems, but studies that have been conducted suggests that some causes to brainfog can be:

– Climacteric

– Inflammation

– Lack of sleep

– Stress


Can Brainfog be diagnosed?

No, at this point there does not seem like brainfog can be diagnosed. If you go to the doctor and say you have a brainfog It will probably not be taken seriously as there is no way for a doctor to test this out. It is not regarded as a real medical condition although many people seem to experience it quite frequently.

Climacteric Brainfog

According to the Medical dictionary it seems like the climacteric can be a trigger to brainfog due to hormone changes.

Some studies I have read on the matter seems to think there is a connection between estrogen and brainfog but I found no clear evidence or studies that actually can document this connection.

So I am personally more likely to think that climacteric brainfog comes from a lack of sleep due to other climacteric symptoms like hot flashes, joint pains, headaches and more or from inflammations in the body.

Brainfog and fatigue


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A lot of women feel tired all the time and get so fed up of feeling like this every day. Especially if it affects work, relationships and their quality of life.

A lot of stigmas is associated with this as well. Being a climacteric woman having brainfog and fatigue does not make it better. It is not normal to feel tired all the time. And people who have not experienced it themselves find a hard time understanding how it really is. Especially if it lasts over a longer period.

This is suggested in an interesting article written by Kirsten Weir called Beyond tired. Here she mentions some studies done at Stanford university conducted by a neuropsychologist Marcie Zinn PhD that have experienced Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) herself.

Brain fog
and Inflammation


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What causes brainfog is still unclear, but there are many studies on the subject. I already mentioned hormones as a trigger.

According to Science Daily the University of Birmingham have found a link between mental sluggishness and inflammation.

It seems like inflammations affect our ability to be alert, attentive and concentrated.

fog and lack of sleep


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I know from experience that sleep is a major factor in keeping our brains alert, concentrated and focused throughout the day. Science also tells us that we should get at least 7-8 hours sleep a day. Sleep affects our body and brain.

I read Some interesting studies done about car driving and how lack of sleep can affect our ability to stay focused and alert while driving. The study clearly pointed out a strong correlation between sleep and concentration.

According to Harvard health publishing sleep can burn away your brain fog. So does this mean that you can just sleep more and get rid of it? It seems so in many cases where the cause is lack of sleep. But what if your brain fog is caused by dehydration?

Brain fog

Vitajewelsbottle, dehydration

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According to Womens Health the solution could actually be to drink more water. They explain that brainfog is caused by drinking to little.

Feeling like you have dementia

Some climacteric women I have talked to address their brainfog to be in a state of dementia although they are not. Whatever caused your brainfog – Lack of sleep, dehydration, stress or other causes it seems to affect our memory and logic as well.

Books about Brainfog

I love to read and listen to E books to learn more about my climacteric health. Below are some very helpful books you can read. In the womens infostore you will find E books about almost anything related to womens health. Enjoy the read!

In the women infostore you will find digital books related to climacteric and menopause and womens health.

Womens Info store

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Below are some books I found that may be an interesting read for you.

Menopausal Brain fog memory

*Amazon Disclaimer: Climacteric Women is an Amazon Affiliate and by clicking through my links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase. When you click on these links data is collected by Amazon to track clicks, your behavior on amazon and for analytical and affiliate payment purposes.

The Brain fog Fix is a book by Hay House written by DR. Mike Dow and talk about Stress and Brain fog. It is a very good book worth a read.

Most helpful tips to get rid of your Brain fog

1. Sleep more.

Easier said than done when you wake up in the night with an overactive bladder and hot flushes that makes you feel like a red-hot chili pepper. I know many women who sleeps with several layers of duvets and at the same time use air conditioners to cool them down.

Moona Sleep system could be a great helper for getting better sleep

Moona Sleep System

Photo: Moona

2. Drink more water


Photo: Vitajewels bottles

I always start my morning with plain water. What about You?

Health Gurus recommends starting the day with water or water with lemon. I think water is essential for preventing dehydration and to transport oxygen throughout our cells. There is no doubt that we need to drink more water.

Crystals are also said to make the water more alive because it alters the molecular structure in water that have been transported and processed through our water systems. The normal water coming from your sink is dead after the transportation and the crystals are said to awaken the water molecules. Whether this is true or not I think the water actually tastes better and feels better. So that is why I love the Vita Jewel bottles. Not only do they look nice, but I actually feel better drinking this water.

3. Get the best nutrition

Nutrients Photo: Canva photo Edited in Canva

I have earlier written about seed nutrition in my articles Seeds for climacteric women and Seeds a natural remedy for menopausal Climacteric women?

I have now used these products myself for a while and they work like magic. You can find out more about these products here and you can follow my Journey on my Facebook page A new life with seeds.

What is interesting about these cold pressed seed products is that they are tested under microscopes on cancer cells and how they work. In the microscope you could see how it affected the cells right after eating these products. Another positive thing they found out when studying these products was that the oxygen levels in the blood increased.

Many women report that their Brain fog vanished because of eating this seed food. I believe strongly in these seed products because it has helped me get rid of my hot flushes, My overactive bladder is no longer overactive and I sleep like a baby in the night. All of this have made my days so much better.

I have a lot of energy and the best of all is the effect it had on my knees. I have had arthrosis for a few years in my knees and hips and a lot of water in my body. I had constantly pain and had to use painkillers daily. Now after a short time using these seeds I have no more water. My pain in my hips and knees are totally gone. I have no other explanation than that these seeds works to eat. I no longer eat painkillers. The funny thing is that Seeds are not regarded as medicine. It is regarded as nutritious food. It is organic and clean cold pressed seeds. I do not know if it will work for you, but it worked for me and many others. You can find out more here.

Well that was all for now. Hope this article served you well and that you learned something new about Brain fog. Leave me a comment below if you have struggled with brain fog, how it affects your life and what you have done to get rid of it. Or if you do not want everyone to know feel free to send me a mail. I would love to hear from you.

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6 thoughts on “What is Climacteric Brainfog?”

  1. Brainfog is an interesting term that sounds like something we all experience at some time or another. Of course, the reasons behind these feelings can be a number of different things which you point out. Figuring out the cause of brain fog is a helpful start towards fighting it. The tips make good sense and would hopefully be helpful for anyone experiencing brainfog symptoms.

    • Hi Aly! Yes it is an interesting state indeed. Have you ever experienced it yourself? And what was causing your brainfog? The tips are for sure proven to be helpful. No doubt about that. Which tip did you found was the most helpful one?

  2. This article caught my attention from start to end. 40 plus and always tired  and lark of sharp focus I had to keep reading. I now understand that there is no specific test to diagnose Brainfog. Happy to know that little things can relieve the symptoms water, sleep good nutrition and the seed. I will definitely come back to this site.

  3. Brain fog is something I have suffered from periodically in the past. I did some research and found out a few factors that might be the cause, I was very stressed, not sleeping very well and I didn’t even drink water. Now I make sure to drink 2 litres of water a day, have a less stressful job and my sleep is a lot better. just doing these simple things made my brain fog go away. Great article. thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you for sharing your story on Brainfog. I think your advice about drinking water is great. Stressing down, sleep, water and good nutrition is so important for keeping the brainfog away. 


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