Benefits of FaceYoga for climacteric women

In this article I will take a look at the benefits of Face Yoga for climacteric women. How can this help climacteric women? what are the benefits? How can you take years off your face by doing some simple exercises?

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What is The Face Yoga Method?

Face yoga method is a series of natural exercises for your face that will help you become more aware of your unconscious aging habits and change this so your face looks happier, younger, more radiant, awakened and vitalized. Doing these Face Yoga exercises will fix your bad unconscious habits that makes you look older. Sounds great? But does it really work? Is Face Yoga for Climacteric Women a good idea?

The Face Yoga Method is founded by the awesome Fumiko Takatsu. She believed that by changing her face she could change her life. She was in a severe car accident that damaged her face. Ever since, Fumiko Takatsu have been dedicated to find a way to train her face so she could walk with confidence again. And she found it. Her story is truly inspiring.

And she created the Face Yoga Method. An awesome method for toning the face and feeling more confident. Her own journey is a very good example of that this method works. She has created a huge global community of people who has used her training and reaped the benefits. If it can help her it can help Climacteric women as well feeling better and look more radiant.

Face problems Climacteric women struggle with

When you are young your face is more fit and tight than when you become older because your muscles are more trained and active normally. Your face muscles are the foundation of your face and skin beauty. But as time goes we change. Age is starting to make its marks on our bodies.

Accumulated stress, bad lifestyle habits contribute to how we look. Many Climacteric women also struggle with hormone imbalance, low quality sleep, hot flushes and other symptoms. And we are looking for easy ways to improve our health and looks.

Our good as well as bad habits that we are not aware of is leaving its marks in our faces. When you smile, worry or are sad.

I am sure that if you are a climacteric woman you struggle with some of these normal signs of aging I have mentioned below.

1. Sagging face skin

2. Deeper Face lines

3. Saggy skin over the eyes

4. Lines around the eyes from smiling etc.

5. Skin affected by stress, food and other factors

6. Changes in the skin

7. Some facial areas are worse than others

8. Bloodshot eyes

9. Stress and wrinkles in the forehead

10. Saggy lower cheek chin

11. Wrinkles around the mouth

12. Double chin

13. Turkey neck

14. Saggy neck skin

But you do not want all of these symptoms do you? Well Your alternatives are not many. You can of course inject some Botox to reduce the lines. The problem with Botox is just that it is expensive and you need to do it again and again. It has a time limited effect.

Face Yoga for Climacteric Women on the other hand have a more long term effect for your skin and I am sure it is more fun to do. And it is way less expensive than Botox. And it is easy to learn and a Natural way to feel better fast.

This is why I love face yoga – it is a natural method and it is muscle training and fun at the same time. You will notice that when you start. I am sure you will get many lovely memorable moments in front of the mirror in your bathroom, car or maybe together with your friends.

How will Face Yoga Help You?

It is never too late to change your habits. When you change your habits – everything else will change. Face yoga will help you. But only if you apply these exercises in your daily routine. Face yoga is actually fun.

I can notice lines in my own face around my eyes and mouth from smiling. On my forehead I have lines of worry and thinking. You actually become so much aware of how much your own unconscious daily actions actually affect your face.

You may like it or not – but it happens for real.

You train your muscles in your face and do a series of exercises provided by the Face Yoga Method. It is easy to implement these exercises in your daily routine and after some time of doing these exercises you will see the results.

Breathing is just as important in Face Yoga as in Normal Yoga and Tai Chi. Breathing right helps the skin transport oxygen better.

The benefits of Face Yoga Exercises for climacteric women

Your skin is not so saggy anymore.

Your eyes will look more open

Your Eyelids will become firmer.

You feel better emotionally

Some experience reducing their face lines to the minimum

Your skin look fresh and revigorated.

Sounds great! Don’t you agree?

Eye Jumpstart

How to start? 5 Free poses

Get a Free Face Yoga Routine now

I have used these 5 easy free Face yoga exercises You can try them out too for free.

Download your FREE GUIDE now!

They are easy to start with and use in the morning while you shower, brush your teeth, drive to work or doing other tasks.

I felt much more alive and energized after I tried this method. My skin felt smoother and I actually felt more confident as my face looked more fresh and radiant.

Forehead poses

Forehead Jumpstart

The obstacle of being consistent

But maybe you are like me? who find it difficult to be consistent every day? – I must admit it is hard to be consistent. To practice Face Yoga every day.

Then you should join the Face Yoga Bootcamp. It is an awesome way to become more consistent and also introduced to the whole Face Yoga Method and connect with others as well with the same interests.

Imagine taking years off your face by learning a new skill that is so easy to implement in your daily routine?

My number one tips!

Do not give up doing the exercises even if you should forget doing them one day or two. The habit comes with practice. For some it may be easier and for others more difficult. If you truly want some change you need to be the change. It means you need to practice becoming a Face Yoga Master Like Fumiko. I wonder how many hours she has used practicing?

Well as a newbie you cannot compare yourself to the master. Only to yourself. Practice until it becomes a natural part of your lifestyle.

Goodbye creams and fillers! Hello Face Yoga!

This natural method is so easy to fit in your daily life and I personally think this is one of the best things you can do to revive your face and skin and become more confident and happy as you grow older. This method is not only for climacteric women – It is for everybody with a face. But I do believe that the benefits may be bigger for a climacteric woman because we can take years off our faces and feel more confident.

Grab your Special offer to Bootcamp before it is gone!

The Face Yoga Bootcamp

Free Training Invitation

The Face Yoga Bootcamp are multiple powerful videos with the full Face Toning Face Yoga Method. The Bootcamp is now open for enrollment so grab your chance today. I invite you to join now. Are you In?

It is time to let go of the past and to all the possibilities ahead by learning how Face Yoga can change you from within and out. The effects of this training will become visible after 6 weeks.

It is time to invite your discipline, mindset and routine into your life by the help of Face Yoga.

If you prioritize to pay yourself a visit every day and do some Face Yoga you will be surprised by the results.

You need to challenge yourself to move forward by joining the boot camp and become a part of this pro aging revolution.

You get a special offer to the boot camp before January 31 at midnight. Make sure you get this High Value offer at the best price possible today. This course is very popular so make sure you get enrolled today to get your offer before it is filled up.

Grab your Special offer to Bootcamp before it is gone!

What do you get in the Bootcamp?

The boot camp you will get 70 exercises that will firm, strengthen and straighten your face.

Stop being trapped in your bad habits – You can become more self-conscious, aware and confident by giving Face Yoga a chance to make you look different. You have the power to do it if you want.

The Face Yoga Bootcamp will help you become more Aware, Take daily action and hold yourself Accountable.

Everyone can benefit from Face Yoga.

You get a 20-minute daily exercise for every part of the Face. You have a Lifetime access to the boot camp.

You learn about the anatomy of the face and the face muscles.

You will create a new habit in 6 weeks that will help you continue.

You learn how to take care of your skin, your mindset and about nutrition.

You even get offline exercises to download to use when you are on the go.

Your very own Exercise Calendar.

A method Mirror where Fumiko show you the exercise and you can see yourself in a mirror if you are doing the exercise right. A small screen inside the boot camp where you can see and get taught by the master herself.

You even get your own personal coach during the 6 week boot camp to help you.

The community is there to help you keep motivation and connect with.

This is a Package worth over $2000 that you now will have the chance to get at a very discounted Price.


Grab your Special offer to Bootcamp before it is gone!

What does the customers say?

Customers seem to Love Face Yoga. And it seens like the benefit of Face Yoga for climacteric women is amazing.

Many reports about being changed from the inside out. Not only the face, but their life, mindset and self confidence.


I hope this article served you well. If you have any Questions or comments about this topic please leave them in the comments below.




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  1. Hello there,

    This is a very informative article with all you need to know about face yoga for climacteric women. I also appreciate the series of natural exercises for your face that will help you become more aware of unconscious aging and the changes to a happy face. So I thank you for sharing and I thank the awesome founder Fumiko Takastsu. Great work.

    • Hi Akim! Face Yoga is for men also. Glad you liked my article. I agree with you that a natural way to exercise your face without having to use all kinds of treatments and remedies. Why? when we can have the same result with Face Yoga. The exercises are truly Brilliant and revolutionay for Pro age.


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