What is a Climacteric Woman?

What is a climacteric woman? You probably heard the term. In this post I hope to clarify this in more detail.

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So in my very first post here I want to get into the basics of  the term Climacteric Woman.

The term Climacteric Women

First time I heard the term I was just tasting the words. Climacteric women. I had never heard it before and I thought it sounded a bit sterile and strange. I had heard the term menopausal, because it is more frequently used.  I would love to hear what you think of these two terms climacteric and menopausal. Which one do you prefer? Or do you have your own name on it? I know some people make their own names. Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear your name on this. I actually prefer Climacteric because I feel it is more accurate.

So let us go straight to the basics  and try to answer some basic questions you may have on the matter.

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The definition of a climacteric menopausal woman

(photo: Unsplash)

The word Climacteric means critical according to Thesaurus. A Climacteric woman is in the medicine described as the period from when your menopause starts until it ceases. Also known as the climacterium or menopause.

What is the difference between a climacteric woman and a woman in menopause? Is there a difference?

There is a difference in these two terms. Menopause points to a specific feature of Climacteric which is when you stop getting your menstruation. The so called menostop or pause. I think actually menostop is a better description than meno pause. It is not just a pause – it is a permanently  stop. What do you think?

Climacteric means the rung of a ladder or critical change in Greek  according to Wordreference and points to the whole process of you becoming a middle aged woman and the individual changes that follows this process.


What is a climacteric Woman?

(photo: pexels)

Basically a climacteric woman is a women in change. You are noticing changes in your body and mentality. This can be a crtical stage for you in your life because you can feel the changes happening even before the climacteric occurs. The so called pre – climacterium or pre – menopausal period or in a more common word.The midlife crisis of a woman.

When is the climacteric period?

Normally the female climacteric period starts when you are between 40 to 65 years of age and the Menopause occours between 49 – 52 years of age. The average age of women getting menopause is 51.

Fun climacteric Fact

(photo: unsplash)

The funny thing is that many fruits are also climacteric like bananas, Pineapples, tomatoes and many more. Fruits get ripen without ethylene and respiration bursts and the fruits change color and the release of sugar in the fruit changes.
Did you know this? I think it is a great paralell.

Final thoughts

I hope this post brought you some clarity on the matters of what a climacteric woman is and the difference between climacteric and menopause. I would be much obliged if you leave a comment below about this post. I would love to connect with you.

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18 thoughts on “What is a Climacteric Woman?”

  1. I’m not a woman, but I’m learning something new here. I am more familiar with the common uses of the word menopause than the Climacteric word. This article is very informative. I will pass this along to my women family members who will find this helpful to them. Thanks for the article.

    • Hi John! Men also go through climacterium so hopefully you can find it helpful too even if my website mostly focus on women. Thank you for reading my post. I think it is great if men take some time to read this too and learn about climacteric women . I appreciate it if you share it. Thank you!

  2. Hey my gender is male but I’m always eager to learn new things. At school I never learned biology, but I knew the term menopausal. Climacteric is not familiar to me. However this website seems to be equipped with relevant and informative tools. How do you use your product based on relevant customers. All the best keep up good work 

    • Hi there! I am actually thrilled that men is eager to learn about the Female Climacteric or menopause as you prefer. I think that is just marvellous! you are very welcome! I am not sure what product you refer to, but I will write some product reviews in the nearest future. By subscribing to my newsletter you will get updates every time I post a new post and tips as well. Thank you for commenting! Much appreciated!

  3. It’s my first time to hear this term, and thank you for this info! I would prefer menopause than climacteric, simply because the latter seems too hard to pronounce, and I might have to explain it to friends more than menopause. But I totally agree with you–it should be menostop, not menopause! Perhaps they’re trying to be nice about the fact that one of the most natural things of being a woman will come to a halt, forever. Hence “-pause” only–to make it sound less disheartening. 

    Women undergo magnificent physical changes all the time, and sometimes a word is just not enough to explain how vast and life-altering these changes could be. Even the term “midlife” has received shade from a lot of people, so perhaps the term “climacteric” would sound so neutral in that regard. Can it be used in describing men too? 

    I think “climacteric” sounds cool to be included in movie or TV show dialogues ala Kominsky Method punchline. 

    • Hi A! 

      Thank you for replying to my question in the article. Yes men goes through climacteric too just like women, It is then called Andropause. But they do not have an Androstop. They do not llose their ability to reproduce themselves.

  4. Hi,

    Interesting website. Thank you for your explanation regarding the difference between Climacteric and Menopausal. I had previously only known it as pre-menopausal and not heard the term Climacteric. I stumbled on your website in my search to find out more on Menopausal women as my wife has has had a pretty tough time of it. The pre- menopausal must stop using that term the Climacteric phase of her life was a very unpleasant period and she went through the lot. Hot flushes, trouble sleeping with frequent wake up periods, being tired as a result, lithless, irritable all manner of headaches and feeling unwell. Once she has moved into the menopausal stage she is actually more comfortable with it then the pre Climacteric stage and finds the range of exercises that I adviced her on helped her immeasurably . It is very apt that fruits are compared as an analogy. Again thank you for presenting this interesting view of Climacteric symptoms and trust you will go into the subject in more depth.


    • Hi Rami! Thank you very much! I am so thrilled that men find my website interesting too. I can totally relate to what you tell about your wife. I am still in the pre climacteric myself with all the same symptoms. Good to hear that you found exercises that helped her getting through. I will absolutely go into a lot of topics regarding Climacteric and menopause. It seems like I need to write about Andropause as well.

  5. Hi, I’ve read your article “What is a Climacteric Woman?”. 

    I think that this is very helpful and well written.

    This website seems equipped with informative tools. 

    Thank you for your explanation regarding the differences between Climacteric and Menopausal. 

    I am more familiar with the use of the word menopause. 

    Thank you again for this amazing article! 

    You did an excellent job! 

    Keep going! 

    • Hi Rosalia! Glad you found my website helpful. Thank you for answering my question about which word you are most familiar with. 

  6. Hi,

    This is a very interesting article! I have now heard the term climacteric til now. And am still learning how to pronounce it, but menopause I have heard about…

    The funny thing is that I’m in my mid-fifties and still have a period and no hot flushes. What I would like to know is, what am I doing differently from other women who go through the climacteric phase?

    I have noticed my voice deepening, so have upped my consumption of green juice and avocado smoothies. As I love singing and can already sing tenor, I don’t need it going any deeper!

    Please write more on this article as it is of great interest to everyone who is middle age. Especially women.

    • Hi Stella! Glad you found my article interesting. Not everyone get hot flushes. But it can be something you do differently.
      Something you eat or drink maybe? Maybe your juices helps on your flashes. I will definitely write more about climacteric. A lot More is to come soon.
      Is there anything special you want me to bring to light?

  7. Well, I changed my eating habits about 15 years ago due to health reasons. It was for something else – eczema to be exact. I had full body flare ups, so was desperate to use something natural, with no side effects.

    So I cut out processed food and sugar. I also have periods of eating a lot of raw food. This may seem drastic, but when I’ve tried to have a ‘normal’ diet, the skin gets dry and scaly again. So when I’m not eating raw food, it’s mostly plant-based.

    This means everything from beans and rice, to yams, plantains, some fruit and plenty of green vegetables. I also eat plenty of nuts and seeds. The more variety the better. I also like sushi and tofu when I can get it. Now and then I’ll eat chicken and eggs.

    The benefit of all this is that I look 10 years younger, have plenty of energy and am still a healthy 75 kg. Of course, I exercise as well using free weights, pilates and dancing.

    So for someone who’s in her mid-fifties – Menopause seems to be a long way off!

    • Hi stella! Thank you so much for sharing this. I am glad to hear that you found a way to be a healthy Climacteric Woman.
      You seem to have many good habits that have helped you that others can find good use of too. New post coming up soon.

  8. I think that the word climacteric is definitely more descriptive as this term accurately describes the end of a phase in a women’s life.  I usually use the term menopausal, however, as this is a term that more people are familiar with, despite the fact that “menopause” only characterizes one aspect of the changes a woman undergoes at this time.  I did appreciate the information you put forth here and the clarity you give to this period of time.  I feel more informed and I’m going to pass this on to some of the older women I know!

    • Hi cynthia! Thank you for your comment and views. I truly appreciate it. I agree that climacteric is more descriptive of the whole process not just one part of the process. The term Menopause is more widely used for sure. I am gld you found this article informative. Please do share it to as many as possible. We need to talk more about these subjects. If there is anything you want me to adress just leave me a message.

  9. Hi. Your website is quiet interesting and what women like me need to read more often. I still less than 40 but sometimes get worried when I think of the menopause stage and I believe your website is what I will need from now on.

    On the issue of menopause and climacteric, I did not know there was a difference. I have been thinking they are the same. Thank you so much for clarity.

    Thank you for such a great article.

    • Hi Boi! Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts. I appreciate it. You know, People under 40 can get menopause too, but the majority get it between 50 and 60 years of age. I am glad you found my website informative and helpful to you. If you at any time have any questions or some matters you want me to adress just leave me a message.


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