Top 10 Tips to climacteric Happiness at Work

Are you in a menopausal climacteric state and experience problems at work? You are not alone. Many women experience this and feel unhappy about their work situation. Today I am going to address this issue. I will share with you some common issues and my Top 10 Tips Climacteric Happiness at work.

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Climacteric women and work

In my previous article I asked the question many women ask in a certain age. Am I in a Climacteric Menopausal state? Today I want to address something that I believe many Climacteric women experience relating to work.

Just imagine going to work and there would be no problem or nothing you have to hide for your colleagues and boss because you are in a climacteric state. You would be happier and feel more comfortable and at ease with yourself and the workplace. A place where you know you will be taken seriously and not stamped like a middle-aged hysterical woman. An understanding management that will allow you to have flexible working hours when you feel it is needed. All your relations would improve with more knowledge, understanding and simple actions. If you already have a happy workplace, you can regard yourself as one of the lucky ones.

Most climacteric women in the premenopausal or menopausal state often face frustrations and problems regarding work and the workplace. They are not happy. And it is not always easy to know how to solve these issues because it is often very individual. No climacteric woman is the same and we cope with the issues differently as well.

Do you have any problems at work because you are in a Climacteric Menopausal state?

Do you have any problems at work caused by climacteric or menopause? Climacteric issues are for real for very many women. And for many a real struggle related to work. It can cause a lot of stress and frustration. You may recognize some issues I will mention here today.

10 common climacteric issues based on my own experience, talking to women and doing some research:

1. It is a difficult topic to talk about even with your doctor for a lot of women because it is associated with stigma.

2. Difficult to talk to leaders at work.

3. Not something most women want to talk with their colleagues about.

4. A feeling of getting little understanding and support.

5. Many lie to their boss on why they are absent from work.

6. Some women feel their issues are being overlooked and not taken seriously or stamped as hysteric.

7. Many feel insecure because they do not know what to expect and feel uncomfortable with this new situation.

8. Lack of helpful information about remedies. Medical and natural.

9. A lot of misinformation and views on climacteric women out there.

10. Not knowing how to deal with Climacteric issues or menopause.

There are many other issues as well that is not so much talked about.

When the Climacteric Menopausal topic is so difficult to talk about it becomes a problem for many.

But why is it so difficult to talk about? Is it because we know so little about the topic or that it is connected to much stigma in society? Does it help to talk about it?

Do you recognize yourself in any of this? Do you talk about it with anyone?

I would be very happy if you want to share your experiences or opinion about the topic in the comments below.


Let us talk more about Climacteric Menopause!

So what can we do, You and me, to raise more openness about these issues regarding Climacteric Menopause and work? I always believed in open dialogue and education. Talking about it constructively. To look for solutions and not focus on the problems. I believe many climacteric women will feel a lot more happier at work if we can be more open, solution oriented and understanding. The climacteric is a natural phase in a womans life. Why should it be associated with so much stigma?

My top 10 tips to Climacteric Happiness at work

Top ten tips Climacteric Happiness at work

1. Talk to your doctor. Ask him/her to take you seriously.

2. Talk to your friends so they understand what you are going through. The chances are that some of your friends are experiences the same as you, but have not dared to talk about it. And they might have some good advice too.

3. Talk to your Colleagues if necessary. If there are comments in the workplace you should tell them about your issues and ask them to take it seriously. You may feel more comfortable and happier and get better relations to your colleagues doing so.

4. Talk to your children. Maybe they do not understand either why you get your mood swings or other issues. It is easier for them to relate to you and understand your behavior. You may find your relations improve.

5. Talk to your partner. Your partner should definitely know what you are going through. Ask your partner to support you and tell him/her how important it is for you. You may feel a sense of relief and happiness and an improved relation.

6. Educate yourself on the topic. Read and find as much information you can so it helps you to understand your own situation too.

7. Talk to your boss about it. Do not lie. Tell your boss the truth about why you are absent or have problems and frustrations at work. Ask your boss to take you seriously and ask for more flexible work hours or other relevant solutions that can help you if you feel it is needed. Or try to negotiate a deal as long as you are facing issues.

8. Sign a petition to make Climacteric menopause matter

9. Find helpful medical remedies if needed. I will get back to helpful natural remedies in some later posts.

10. Start your own blog. And talk about your daily issues or create a website for educational and informative purposes. One of the reasons why I started this website was to bring these issues more out in the open to get rid of the stigma, but also to learn, educate and help myself so I know what to expect entering the climacteric menopause. Hopefully it can help others as well. The simple answer is to talk about it more and educate ourselves and others about it.

If you have any other helpful suggestions I hope you could share it with me in the comments below.

If you found this article useful I hope you will share it with someone who might need to hear this or to be more educated about the topic.

Readers Tips! Write a climacteric Diary. It can help you cope better throughout your climacteric.

I got a this tip from one of my readers. She wrote a diary to help seeing some patterns or just to document her climacteric process. I think this is a wonderful tip so I share it here with you.

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You have a tip too ? Let me know in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips to climacteric Happiness at Work”

  1. I am so glad I came across your article.  Although I am not quite at that age yet, I think it is always best to be prepared for what is to come.  It’s unfortunate that it is such a hard subject for people to talk about and I applaud you for being open about your own experience.  I really hope this inspires others to talk about what they are going through.  Hopefully this makes the world a little kinder towards women who are dealing with climacteric menopause. Great tips btw! 

    • Hi Ashley! Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated. Yes It can always be good to prepare by getting knowledge about climacteric and bringing more awareness about this topic. Glad you liked my Tips. Maybe you can share them with someone who needs to hear it.


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