Seeds – A natural remedy for climacteric menopause symptoms?

Do you think Seeds can be a helpful natural remedy for Climacteric menopause symptoms? Seed nutrition supplements have now become more and more popular claiming it helps women cope with their Climacteric menopause symptoms. Is this true? This is what I am going to address in this post and look at what my research and science say about this.

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What is a seed?

A seed is the start of life. The beginning of you and me and all living things. You can read more here on Wikipedia.
Seeds have different forms and functions. Some seeds are edible and some are not. There are more to a seed than the eye can see.

What is seed nutrition?

Do you eat seeds? Seed nutrition is food based on seeds from plants. It can be whole seeds. Seed oil, paste and much more. Seeds have always been regarded as healthy food. Seeds have powerful nutrition benefits. They may be small, but they embody a lot of unexplored possibilities. Seeds are natural, organic and suits all types of diets. They are even used in cosmetics, paint and have multiple other utility possibilities. (photo: Canva)

Seeds and health benefits

Seeds have health benefits and have been used as a nutrient for thousands of years. Seeds contain a huge amount of fiber and healthy fat, vitamins and minerals our bodies need. According to Harvard edu: controlled trials on humans with chia seeds concluded that seeds as a part of a balanced plant rich diet have a better effect than eating seeds alone. The seeds will help to prevent diseases. So this leads me to these questions: What is the best way of eating seeds? And how can seeds help Climacteric women?

What is the best way of eating seeds?

Nowadays many edible products contain seeds – breakfast cereals , Bread, spreads and oils just to mention a few.

But what is the best way of eating seeds to optimize the healthy benefits for climacteric women?

According to Harvard edu a plantbased diet is the key where you gradually add seeds and nuts. Seeds are aso used in the best anti flammatory diets. Seeds Also have a low GI and can help menopause and Insomnia

My intention is to find out more ways seeds can help women in climacteric menopause and what products are best to eat.

Seeds and Energy

A while ago when I was working with energy strategy I was contacted by a woman – now a good friend of mine who had so many post climacteric and menopausal symptoms that made her feel totally burned out and miserable.

She claimed she had turned her life totally around after using a new seed product that she had tested out. I asked for some more info and got a swift reply from her with more info about this seed product. My immediate feeling told me that this was a very interesting product that could help people get more energy and that this was interesting to look further into. But I let it be. Every day I was bombarded with offers of all kinds with various energy nutrients I knew was not working. (photo: unsplash)

Arrival of Climacteric symptoms

Shortly after this, I started getting climacteric symptoms like hot flashes and pain in my knees and hips. I was diagnosed with arthrosis and post climacteric symptoms. This came as a shock to me. There is no treatment for this so I started researching natural remedies to ease my pain.

That is why I started this website so I could share my discoveries and climacteric journey with you.

I started doing Tai Chi on a daily basis because it made me feel better. You can read my previous post about Tai Chi benefits for women in climacteric menopause. (photo: unsplash)

Opportunities never come alone

At the same time some of my readers contacted me to ask if I knew about any natural remedies that can ease menopausal pain or reduce climacteric symptoms.

I was planning to write many new posts on this topic because I am interested in that myself.

I am an affiliate marketer who normally write reviews about making money online, starting a business online and how to become an online affiliate marketer.

I have my own Affiliate program as well.

I help others building a business online through Wealthy Affiliate ,  My own Affiliate Marketing program and other systems.

This website is just one of several online websites I have where I can share my thoughts on being a climacteric woman.

Final discussion

I find Seed nutrition to be a very interesting field regarding climacteric women since it is natural, organic and have proven  and tested health benefits.

As a reminder I will always recommend you to consult your doctor regarding your health


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26 thoughts on “Seeds – A natural remedy for climacteric menopause symptoms?”

  1. Thank you Hilde for this very interesting website. I follow a plant based diet so having enjoyed the benefits of that I have a lot of faith in seeds and whole foods. I wish you every success with your new project and look forward to hearing your results

    • Thank you Hilary! It would be Interesting to hear more about your plant based diet. You can leave me a message if you want on our Facebook Page
      If you subscribe to our newsletter you will get weekly updates about my Seed journey and much more.

  2. I’ve learned how healthy seeds (and almonds and nuts) are years ago and they are part of my everyday diet but I know that not all seeds and nuts are of good quality, it always depends on the producer/brand, how is it harvested, stored etc.

     I’m very curious about Rain International and your testing because I’m a bit of a nutrition nerd and always on the lookout for new superfoods, good brands, and remedies for health issues. It will be nice to see if the products help you with the red flushes and other climacteric symptoms. Looking forward to finding that out.

    I also looked at the Rain Soul and it looks pretty interesting, I’m tempted to try it out myself!

    • Hi Lenka! I learned much the same as you and I have always loved to eat seeds and nuts. And the quality varies as you say. I am very curious about the Rain Soul Product too. These are cold pressed seeds in a very concentrated form. I will test it out for three months and give my judgement after that. I can only say at this point that I find it to be the most interesting seed product I found while doing my research on this topic. I think to find out if it really helps you you need to try for yourself.

  3. I don’t really have any experience with this topic your article is based on, but the read was very informative. For someone that didn’t know much about it, I can now say I understand it more to a certain extent. The types of different seeds for different health results would be even more informing and interesting. I like how you incorporated a product in the end that is possible to try out , but how has it worked for you? 

    • Hi Ray! Thank you for reading my article. I am glad you learned something from it. This is just one of many articles I will write about seeds. I will get back to the different types of seeds and their individual health benefits in later articles. As I wrote Seed science and Seed nutrition is a field that is now being researched more because of the health benefits they seem to have. Rain Soul is a product that have been tested by Maryland University and Brunswick labs. As I wrote I have not tested these out yet, but I find them to be the most interesting product when I did my research and I am now starting a 3 month trial period. I will let you know how it works out.

  4. Wow, I loved this. And I will surely be doing more research on this and following your site for more info. I am glad, I came across this before my menopause, I guess when I get there I will know how to navigate that season that I am aware many get to without any form of preparation. This was a good foundation for me.

  5. As someone that is looking to go vegan and of lately started to eat more vegetables then ever this site was very useful in finding the benefits of seeds. When I go shopping I no longer buy food that don’t contain seeds. I also notice since eating real food my thought process has been clearer than usual. Thank you for sharing this information and keep up the good work

    • Hi Julian! Glad you found it helpful! Seeds are great. And coldpressed seed oils are containing much more nutrients than just spreading some seeds in your salad or use it in your bread or cereals. I am looking forward to try these oils out. If you want to follow my journey , you can sign up to my news letter for updates.

  6. Regardless of the fact that I am not a woman, I still had a great time reading this article. I have been able to gain a very vital knowledge on the ways seeds can be of benefit to women with regards to those suffering from climacteric menopause. Having this knowledge will enable me educate my female friends on this topic. Thanks for sharing this amazing information.

    • Hi Nelson! Seeds are not only helping for climacteric women. Many men Use these product I mention in my article here too for various reasons. And some men do actually have Andropause – the male version of menopause. I will be happy if you refer your friends to my site. Thank you for the comment. I appreciate that men also find my website interesting. I take that as a compliment! 🙂

  7. Hei hei. Jeg begynte å teste ut produktene for snart 3 år siden. Det var overhode ikke aktuelt at jeg skulle dele noe som helst. Da jeg etter 5-6 uker opplevde så store posetive endringer klarte jeg ikke ti stille. Mitt aller største problem var hjernetåke og urimelig tretthet.
    Men jeg noterte meg at jeg var klar i hode og hadde betydelig mer energi. Begynte å gå ned i vekt og jeg hadde ikke kramper lenger. Min første sesong uten Pollenallergi plager. Og nå har jeg hatt 3 sesonger uten.

    Jeg har ikke hetetokter lenger, eller depresjon. Og vekta klarer jeg å holde stabil. Jeg ser ikke ut som om magen er større enn puppene lenger Mine plager på overgangsalder startet på våren i 15 da var jeg 54. Og nå etter snart 3 år i bruk oppdager jeg fremdeles nye posetive konsekvenser. Du skjønner sikkert at jeg da ikke klarer å slutte å dele.

    -Eva Kristin-

    • Sure Eva! Thank you for the comment! I will answer you in English since this website is written in English. So you used these produts for 3 years and got rid of your brainfog, cramps and fatigue not to mention your allergy. 3 seasons without is an amazing result I must say. What is your doctor saying about this?
      I can understand you are excited about these products after such marvellous results. I hope they can help me as well.

      • Jeg var hos legen min for snart 2 måneder siden og da hadde jeg ikke vært der på halvannet år fordi jeg hadde vært frisk. Han så meg og da jeg såg veldig bra ut og spurte KVA eg hadde gjort. Snakka på utpust og innpust i 10 minutter og viste produkter og KVA eg hadde gjort. Det aller beste var jo at Blodtrykket mitt er normalt igjen ❤️. Det var døgnmåling som var grunnen til at jeg var der. Når eh gikk da den til vanlig veldig lite interesserte legen ” dette var interessant” . Bedriftslegen noen uker senere ga meg e-postadresse for at jeg skulle dele med han. Han var veldig overrasket over at eh hadde sluttet med blodtrykksmedisin. Det var ikke vanlig. Og Han har jo sett meg årlig siden 2011. Han lyttet interessert til det eg sa✌️👍❤️

        • Hi Eva! I reply to you in English since I know you understand it and more people can understand as well. I am happy to hear that your visit at your doctor you have been visiting since 2011 was showing so good results. Being able to stop with bloodpressure medecins is huge. The fact that your doctor asked for information about the Rain products from you is a sign that he found it interesting too. I look forward to hear his response as well. Keep me updated on this Eva. Thank you for sharing!

  8. When you started with eating seed, I was wondering what type of seed you meant but I know. I didn’t really think that seeds are something we should eat talkless of having health benefits.

    I love the fact that you share and help people with your content due to your experience. No one is better equipped to help others than someone who’s been there

    • Hi Age! These are not normal whole seeds. Whole seeds just goes through your body and come out whole, just like maize corns. Your body does not utilize the nutrients of whole seeds properly.  The Cold pressed seed oils and products from Rain are different. The nutrients are highly concentrated and your body will make use of these nutrients because they have been cold pressed. You need to eat a lot of seeds to get the same results if it is even possible. I am glad you found this helpful and I promise I will share the results of my experience with these cold pressed oils. I can reveal that I have started out and I notice already an increase in energy and other effects. If you sign up to my news letter I will keep you updated.

  9. Very interesting article indeed. I have read before about how a seed nutrition can have certain benefits to a person and not only with climacteric women but I think this totally depends on the person and what kind of problems are there. But the most important thing is that while one diet may work for one woman this doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. That’s why people must be extra careful and don’t follow diet blindly and without expert support beforehand.

    • Hi stratos! I agree. There are many products out there that is not tested properly. However these are not just normal seeds, but coldpressed seeds that are tested by Brunswick labs and Maryland university. When you coldpress the seeds you get the nutrition out from them. If you eat seeds whole they just go out of your body whole and your body are not able to extract all the nutrients in the seed. I also agree that it will probably not work for all because we are all unique. But there are many testimonials from all over the world that strengthen the claims on these seed products from Rain. This is not a diet. If you want to follow my Rain Journey you can do so here.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative post. I am always all for the natural remedy over the modern medicines any time. It is amazing that seeds can help with menopause. I usually sprout lentils myself and eat it with my salad. I have never heard of the Rain Soul before but would like to check out your next post on Rain International and find out more about them. 

    • Hi Nuttanee! Glad you found my post informative and interesting. Yes you can read my review about Rain International  and do your own research as well . I have now started on my Rain Soul JourneyI am curious if it will help me reduce my hot flushes, waking up in the night and if it will give me a better feeling of wellness. I have already noticed some changes regarding my sleep. I sleep more heavily now and feel more awake in the morning.

  11. I am not really a fan of herbal medication and I think seed nutrition in this article is somewhat like that. But it is interesting to know that seeds have health benefits such as vitamins and minerals needed by our body. And to think that it could allegedly cure climacteric women? Awesome, really. But I will just put my bet here in Science and wait for further research.

    • Hi Nico! Thank you for sharing your views! I totally understand that you are skeptic, but you have to remember that modern medicine is actually built on the old science of herbal medicine. 

      Seeds may not cure climacteric women, but it may help lessen the symptoms. Getting the right nutrition is important. 

      These coldpressed oils was actually developed scientifically at Maryland hospital by scientists who wanted to make nutrition for children with cancer that would help them boost their immune system. 

      With Rain International these coldpressed oils have been used by thousands of people all over the world and the respons so far from many climacteric women is very interesting. A lot of climacteric women claims that it helps reduce pain, brainfog, and improve their quality of life. Real life testimonials. 

      I suggest you read this review of Rain International to get to know more about the products and science behind them.


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