Rain International Review – Seeds for climacteric women?

In this Rain International Review – Cold Pressed Seeds for climacteric women? I will take a look at the company, products and business opportunity from the perspective of a climacteric menopausal woman.

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Rain International Review

First of all I need to say that I did not try these products myself yet. I got a request from My friend Eva to try out these products to see if they can help me ease my climacteric symptoms.

As I told you earlier in my other posts I am on the search of natural and organic products that can help me and other climacteric women feel better,  upping the energy, reduce  hot flashes and reduce pain that is caused by climacteric causes. To manage and cope through climacterium and menopause the best way possible without having to take unnecessary medicines and remedies.

I am going to start my own test period by making a review of Rain International based on the current information I have available about the company and the products before I start my own experience as a home tester of the product.

This way you will get a more unbiased review and I promise I will give you a very honest opinion about the Pros and cons.

In this review I will present

– The facts I have found about the company and the products.

– How to order the products

– The business opportunity

. The arguments for using Rain Products

– My research

– The benefits these products claim to have on climacteric symptoms,

– Science available

– Pricing

– Videos so you get to know the products better.

– Pros and cons

– What customers say about the products

In 3 months from now I will write another review based on my own experience with using the product.

I will join as a distributor during my testperiod to find out how the business concept works as well.

I think that is important if I am going to give you a real insight into this company that can be valuable for you.

What is Rain?

Rain is a multi level network marketing company in the health, wellness and nutrition niche that sell their products online and via distributors all over the world. Rain international is a world leader in seed nutrition.

Unlike many multi level marketing companies Rain sells their products online and their distributors can market the product online as well using a personalized webshop and mobile app and referral link.

They have a more open process than any other multi level companies I have seen. The founder Byron Belka used to work for companies like NUSKIN and eXfuse before he became a founder and CEO of Rain International. Review










PR newswire – Rain granted seed based patent by university of Maryland

Income report and stats

Name: Rain International

Founder: Byron Belka

Customer portal:

customer account

Single products


Business account

Starter pack: 146 Euro

Online webbshop

Qualifiers for commissions:

2000 QV (qualifying volume) in sales per month

Personal monthly purchase 50QV

FDA approved: African FDA have approved these products.

Features: Compensation plan, Starter pack, Webshop, Training, Mobile App, A tree planted in your name , Seeds for change foundation

Scientific evidence of health benefit claims: Brunswick lab and Maryland university

University of Maryland Grants Exclusive License Of Seed-Based Nutrition Technology To Rain International


How to order the products and how to become a distributor

All orders are done through a distributor or sponsors website. Some sponsors does not show up automatically and you need to ask for a code. Others have integrated an automatic code that will show a picture of your sponsor. Then you do not need the code to order.

1. Go to my website

2. Go to menu – Buy Now – choose to subscribe as a customer or a distributor or go to the retail shop.


Set up account

I will automatically show up as your sponsor and you do not need to fill in my distributor code manually. You fill out your country and click next. Now you just follow the instructions and fill out your personal information and name of your new website.

To have an integrated

Note that not all sponsors have their Id integrated. Then you need to add it manually.


2. choose the product you want to buy or choose a distributor starter pack

As a preferred customer you order on autoship just choose the product and the quantity you want to buy.

if you have clicked on becoming a distributor you can choose between different starter pack offers by clicking on select and click next.

On the next page you can choose to add extra products. Click next

Now you come to a page where you set up your autoship. you can skip this and go back later and set it up.

Click next




Bying customer: If you decide to buy a product from Rain you automatically get the opportunity to get the product for free by referring 3 new customers within the same month .

What is a basic starter pack?

This is the most affordable business opportunity and starter pack.

– A tree planted in your name

– Your own digital office

– Referral site

– Business Intelligence software

– Plus Rain connect App (6 month subscription)

–  1 pack of Soul ( enough for 30 days)

– 50QV and 50 CV

– you get 40% of what your referrals purchase. If your referrals buy Rain Soul you get 500QV and $20 per product you sell.

A basic starter pack costs around 146 Euro. Shipping included.

Basic starter Pack : €168,13 inclusive 15%Vat


The Rain Compensation plan



Why use Rain? – the arguments for using the product

Natural and organic Seeds of life

Seeds are said to be the origin of life and have many health benefits. Reasons for using Rain products are that it is a natural, organic product based on cold pressured seeds and ancient traditions of seed nutrition.

Cooperation with Maryland hospital

Another reason is that Maryland University conducted a test with Rain products on children with brain cancer that revealed some quite awesome results that showed a cell renewal effect up to 79,9% on patients who used this product.

Maryland University have now become a cooperative partner of Rain International which I think is quite unique for a multilevel marketing company.

Another reason to try Rain products is all the positive testimonials all over the world on how these products have helped people with different kinds of symptoms.
I have seen testimonials from people with all kinds of health problems find these products to be helpful.

Rain International – amazing blood test results after using our product Soul


What Products does rain Offer?

Soul –  The flagship

Soul  Red 

Bend –  Help your Joints

About Bend

Bends benefits


Core  –  Help cleansing your body

Pure – For the stomach

Form –  Help strengthen your Veins and muscles

Bryt –  Helps the  brain

Revri – skin products ( I will not adress this product in this review)




Looking at the different prices the products seems to be average priced. I guess many will think they are a bit expensive. If they work, I think it is worth the price.

It will cost the same amount with a trip to the doctor or if I should use some kind of medicines prescribed.



New Science and evidence about these products

What is so special about Rain products? To be honest I had no huge expectations about these products because I have tried so many scam products and products that have no effect. That is why I like to do some research on my own and I recommend you to do your own research as well. When I the read the scientific report it was not at all what I had expected.

1. They of course have GMP (good manufacture practice) standard and NONGMO ( NOT Genetically modified organism) standard on all products. It means that their products follow best practices for manufacture according to Brunswick labs and non of their products have been genetically modified. I was glad to find this because I do not want to eat genetically manufactured products. If you are interested you can read the definitions of (GMO Wikipedia and GMO FDA).

2. Rain International is BSCG certified on their flagship products. This means that the products are certified as Drug Free. You can read the press article Rain International gets BSCG certification for its Flagship product. This is also important to me, because I do not want to eat anything that contain any form of drugs.

3. Tested by Brunswick lab and Maryland university to have an 62,9% better cell renewal effect than if you do not use this product. If this is true this is probably the most promising natural supplement I have seen online in a long time.

4. Halal and Kosher Approved

What doctors say about the core product


The benefits of Rain Soul – What does customers say?

The coach

Mindees story

Evas story

More customer reviews 

30 day money back guarantee

1. Feel better: Many people seems to feel the product helps them.

2. Health improvements: Many customers have documented their health improvements by going to the doctor and measured bloodpressure and other measurements after some time of use.

3. Anti inflammatory benefits: Some say they got rid of chronic urine inflammations they had for years.

4. Better sex life: Others say their sex life improved because they were not so dry anymore.

5. Reduced allergies In some cases users experienced to get rid of or reducing allergies they had for years.

6. Overall wellness and better skin: Many say their skin and overall wellness improved.

Maryland University have made a case study on children with Cancer using Rain Products.

The negative statements about Rain – Are they true?

I think it is important to address some negative statements and allegations that have been made about Rain Products that I found online.

1. Allegation : The products is only a sugar sirup and coloured water. True or false?

My first thoughts on reading this allegation is: I do not think Brunswick Laboratories would have approved the products and Maryland university would have teamed up as a partner With Rain International if it only contained sugar sirup and coloured water. Do you?

The fact is that they use dried organic sugar cane sirup in the products. Actually 5mg per serving packet according to the supplement facts. The rest is coldpressed seed oils, Natural flavours, Xantham gum, Xylitol, citric Acid, L – Lactic Acid and purified water. According to Rain the products should be kept below 40 degrees Celsius or otherwise the effect of the product is reduced.

2. The products smell bad. True or false? Some say they do not like the smell of the products while others just love the smell.

3. The Products taste bad: True or false? Some say the products have a bad taste while others love the taste.

How users percieve the smell and taste seems to be very individual and I am actually curious myself on which category I will fall into here.

Are these products tested on animals?

FDA requires that companies conduct animal tests if they want to introduce novel ingredients into the food supply.

Products tested on animals will normally have the stamp GRAS which means Generally Regarded As Safe. Here is a list of GRAS ingredients that is normally tested.

Searching through PETA.orgs Data cruelty free base I could not find the company name nor the product names.

These products, have to my knowledge so far, not been found to be tested on animals. I might be wrong so check it out yourself  if you are comcerned about this. (Photo: pexels)

I have done a lot of search to try and find out and asked some members of Rain International too. But I can not guarantee that this is correct. All I can say is that they may have been tested on animals since there are some proteins in some of the products and skin products. Here is a list of Non- cruelty free companies and I did not find Rain International here. So I cannot say that they are cruel to animals nor the opposite. But there is a strong reason to believe that some proteins may have been tested on animals.

Can Animals use these products?

I frankly do not know. I am focusing on nutrition for climacteric women in this article,  but a general rule is to give your animal food that is made for animals to be on the safe side.

Can small children use these products?

(photo: unsplash)

These products were given to children with cancer at Maryland hospital. I am not aware of any age limit on these products. I have heard some people who have given their 1 year olds a small amount of the product Soul. There are no warnings on the packages or in the information about the products that says children can not eat this.

How to use the products

(photo: unsplash)

Most people who starts with these products are starting with Rain Soul since it is in the starter pack.

But here are some alternative ways to use them based on what users say:

1. Start with core to cleanse and then with Soul

2. Booster method: 3 soul and 3 core a day for two weeks then 1 portion a day

3. Rub it on painful parts of the body like knees, feet etc.

4. 1 Spoon of Form in the cereal

5. Add Pure into a glass of water

As I have come to learn, it seems that users are taking different dosages of these products. Some are just taking one a day while others have been using 10 dosages a day on bad days. I thought 10 dosages sounded like a lot regarding this is concentrated seed oils and that our bodies does not absorb more than we need anyway.

Recommended use

I have asked Rain what is the recommended dosage for the products and the answer was

1 dosage is for daily maintenance. But It was not recommended to take more than 4 Bryt capsules a day.

Can you get allergy from these products?

(photo: Pixabay)

There have been a few stories about people who got mild allergic reactions that I have heard, but I can not document it. I only think it is natural that there will always be a few who are super allergic who will react.

However I do not find that this is a problem but rather rare, that someone is allergic to these products. However should you get any type of allergic reactions you should contact your doctor immediately.

I found one user review from a person who had been super allergic and tried Rain Soul without reactions. Monica2020-08-24 19:39:21★★★★★

Alternatives to Rain

I have searched the internet for cold pressed seed oils that can match the ones Produced by Rain International.

I found many superfood websites selling different kinds of seed oil on Amazon and other places, but no company that can document scientific proof that the oils they sell really works. So as far as I can see Rain International are the world leader in Seed nutrition.

Is Rain a scam?

No Rain International is a very legit multilevel marketing company and probably the most transparent of all multilevel marketing companies out there. I have been able to find an overview over the Top earners and an overall income report that is submitted anonymously after reading in some other reviews that Rain had no income reports. They have been in the industry for over 10 years. Most scams does not last more than 5 years in this industry.

Should you try Rain products?

I do think it is a strong reason to try since Maryland University and Brunswick labs have tested these products to be far above average quality and effects.

I can not recommend or not recommend without trying the products first.  But I find the results and documentation on this product promising enough to give it a try. I think you must try it out to see if it really works for you. I have done my research on it and I recommend you do your own research as well.

I starting testing the products now and I will write weekly newsletters to keep you updated on my experiences and findings throughout my journey and a final Review after 3 months.You can sign up to my newsletter below to follow my weekly journey. If these products work for me I will continue to use them.

I will sign up as a Rain business partner while testing the products out so if you decide to purchase these products via my website I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

All I can say that I have seen how it have affected my friend Eva after using these products. She was chronically ill with urine inflammations, high bloodpressure and allergies that drained her energy and affected her relationship to her husband. Her husband also had many health problems. Now both of them have get rid of most of their problems and as Eva often use to say to me – I got my life and my partner back. She told me that even her doctor was impressed by her results and had asked for info about the products.

So I guess from what I found here that it would not harm you in any way as far as I have seen to try out these products. However I am no doctor or adviser on this matter. I will always recommend you to consult your doctor about anything related to your health. I hope this review gave you some new insights and that you find these products just as interesting as I do.

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  • Documented Health benefits
  • Documented Anti inflammatory
  • Users say they get Better sex life
  • Users say the get Better skin
  • Business opportunity


  • Some think it taste bad others don`t
  • Some think it smell bad others don`t
  • Allergic reactions may occur


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