Happyfiber Review for Fit and Happy Climacteric Women

Want to be fit and happy in your midlife? Struggle with Menopause and Climacteric symptoms? Today I am going to give you a new tip about a natural way to deal with these symptoms so you can feell ike a Fit and Happy Climacteric Woman. In this Happyfiber Review for Fit and Happy Climacteric Women I will take a look at Menolabs newest product Happyfiber and the Happyfiber powerhouse bundle and find out how this can help climacteric women feel better.

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Happyfiber Review

In this Happyfiber review I will take a look at What Happy fiber is and how it can help you. I will also take a look at the Powerhouse combo recommended by menolabs combining Happyfiber and Menofit. 

My intention is to find out if this is a product I would like to use as a natural remedy for my climacteric symptoms and if this is something I would recommend you to do as well.

I am just a climacteric woman like you so I share my findings with you so it may help you in your search for some good products. I am also very interested about what the customers are saying about this product. Do they feel it help them? Do they feel more Happy and fit? Well that is what I am going to find out here.What are the pros and what are the cons. So let us dig into it straight away.

What is HappyFiber?

Happyfiber is shortly told a diet supplement  product by Menolabs that is especially designed for women in climacteric state with climacteric symptoms and menopausal symptoms to feel more fit and happy. So let us take a closer look at this.

How can Happy fiber help you?

According to Menolabs Happyfiber together with Menofit is a powerhouse combo  for women with hot flushes, Night sweats, to help keep control of your weight, moodswings, and helpful for your gut health and metabolism.

I do not know about you, but for me it is important with a good gut health and I do believe fiber is helping our gut stay in shape.

As I wrote in my previous article Am I in a Female Climacteric Menopausal state? many climacteric women struggle with bloating.

For the last year or so I have noticed a change in my metabolism and I often feel like my stomach is full of air due to hormon changes in my body.

It is not so often talked about because no one wants to go around and say – Oh my stomach is so full of air all the time. Normally you do not want people to know that you have these syptoms, right?

But Bloating affect many climacteric womens lives in many ways. And for some, life become much more limited and they do not feel happy about it at all. Bloating, constipation and loose stomach  can be symptoms of climacteric hormon changes or use of medicines.

I think it is important that we get these symptoms out in the open and do not try to hide a natural fact for many women.

menofit, fiber, soluble corn fiber, inulin, l tyrosine, FOS

Natural Triple Fiber Supplement with L-Tyrosine Happy Fiber™ is a 100% natural, non-thickening, clear, taste-free daily prebiotic fiber supplement doctor- formulated to help support

L-Tyrosine is a type of Amino Acid that is naturally made in the liver and brain. Most people do not need L-Tyrosine as a supplement. Your body will dispose itself of it if you have too much and produce more if you have too little of it.

As a supplement results come quickly and effectively. It can help us be more focused under pressure, reduce stress, improve moodswings and increase levels of hormones that are good for our metabolism, improve physical activity and energy, have a positive effect on weight loss, increase melanin in our skin and much more just to mention some benefits.

It is important to note that L-Thyrosine is normally safe as a supplement in recommended doses and within a 90 day period of time according to various studies and sources, but  always console a doctor if you have a diagnosis or are using medicines before taking supplements with L-Thyrosine.

I guess you already know fiber is very important for our gut health and for weight control. How many products are you using to help you with your symptoms? Just think about it. How many of them are natural products?

Many women use a lot of different products and supplements to help them feel more fit and happy. But not all of these products are natural. Happyfiber is natural probiotic fiber developed with your gut health in mind. And it is Vegan, glutenfree and have no hormones in it. It is simply a natural product.

Since I just entered my peri menopausal state I am on a quest to find some good and helpful natural products. If I can avoid taking medicines to relieve my climacteric symptoms I think that is better for me.

However some women need to take medicines due to different conditions so you should always console your doctor first. I have found some products and I think that this Menolabs  product bundle seems very promising. So let us take a look at the other product in the Happy and Fit Bundle from Menolabs. The Menofit product.

What is Menofit?

menopause relief for hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings.* Helps weight management, metabolism, radiance, beauty, skin, hair, nails, immunity, acne, fine lines

Menofit is a pre and probiotic supplement  to help you get a better gut health and support your weight loss. Normally these products are sold individually and women tend to spend an awful lot of money on many different products that they do not know will even help them. Having navigated through the jungle of products out there I found that Menofit includes both pro an pre biotic supplements. What does that mean really? What is Pre and pro biotic supplements? And Why does it matter?

Prebiotic is shortly told fiber elements in food called oligosaccharides that are non digestable. They help the bacteria in your gut ans stimulate many processes in your gut in a positive way. You get a better digestion , boost your immune system, better absorbtion of minerals and seems to help in some forms of cancer as well as helping with constipation. And it also helps to prevent obesity.

Probiotics are made of bacterias that you already have in your body. It is a kind of yeast that are helping the good bacterias in your gut. But Probiotics also live in your vagina, your mouth, urinary tract, on your skin and in your lungs. Probiotics in our gut help us digest the food properly and help to break down medicines.

Our bodies normally do not need probiotics because it makes the probiotics itself, but according to some scientific studies I have read an increased intake of probiotics may help for some conditions like: diahrrea, constipation, Ear infections,  Inflammatory Bowel disease, Yeast infections, Urinary infections, Lactose Intolerance and gum disease just to mention a few.

So it is fair to conclude from this that Pre and Pro biotics help our gut health and our feeling of wellness, do you agree?

Click here to order MenoFit

Now I want to take a closer look at the Powerhouse from Menolabs – The Fit and Happy Bundle.

What is Fit and Happy?

Fit & Happy MenoFit and Happy Fiber are specifically designed to help women achieve their health goals. This combo pack includes one bottle of MenoFit and one bag of Happy Fiber.

menopause relief for hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings.* Helps weight management, metabolism, radiance, beauty, skin, hair, nails, immunity, acne, fine lines

90 day Fit and Happy Quick start

Jump start your gut health with our 90 day plan Includes three bottles of MenoFit, three bags of Happy Fiber, and our 90 day fitness and nutrition guide, as well as free premium access to our health tracking app, MenoLife.

This is a really awesome bundle from menolabs. All you need to get your gut in order.

How soon will you notice results?

This is of course always individual, but according to Menolabs studies you can experience benefits in 4 weeks time. For some women it may take longer time. So that is why I think the 90 day bundle is awesome if you want to get some real results from this product.

Customer Happiness

I always look at comments and testimonials from users and it seems to me after surfing online that people who use these products are overall happy and content with this product.  The Google score was 4,9 out of 5 so I will say that is a good result. There were a few comments about the price here and there from people who had not used it yet. But those who used it thought it was worth the money.

I guess we can all agree that keeping a good health costs money whether you spend it on healthy food, training  or supplements, right?

According to the reviews some women got rid of their night sweats. others got more energy, slept better and reduced their hot flushes and experienced weight loss and less bloating.  That sounds promising, right? I would love to get some weight loss and get rid of the bloating. What about you?

On the negative side this product will not fit or work for all climacteric women because our guts works differently. There is no guarantee these products will work for you. You need to try to find out. That is just how it is. It has nothing to do with the product really, but merely that our guts works differently. I experienced the same with the other products I use. Some get awesome results and others do not notice much difference.


The products contain natural fibers and pre and probiotics.

The bundle offer is awesome

Customers seems to love the product

A trusted company

A vegan product

No hormones

Appealing look on the product

The name of the product give you a good feeling

90 day guarantee


Some customers think it costs too much

No guarantee it will work for you before you try

What are good alternatives to Fit and Happy?

There are some good alternatives to Fit and Happy that I also found when searching for products to support good gut health.

One I would like to mention here today is another organic product called Pure Probiotic Fruitpunch. I have tried this myself and I can recommend it to others without any doubt in my mind. It is made up from organic seeds. You might want to read my previous article Seeds a natural remedy for climacteric menopause Symptoms

Final thoughts

So, if you are a climacteric woman like me who look for natural ways to relieve your symptoms, HappyFiber + Menofit  are definitely products I will start using and after doing research for this review I would not hesitate to recoomend it to others. Especially if you struggle with bloating and your gut. The customer happiness is high and you have a 90 day guarantee which is really good.

I think the 90 day Jumpstart is an awesome offer where you can actually track your health through the menolife app.

Get the special Offer to jumpstart your gut –  a 90 day plan Includes three bottles of MenoFit, three bags of Happy Fiber, and our 90 day fitness and nutrition guide, as well as free premium access to our health tracking app, MenoLife.

I think it is a real good deal compared to many other products out there.

Will you be fit and Happy? Well I can not answer that question for you, but I would definitely give The Menolabs Fit and Happy bundle a thumbs up. Well worth a try. I hope this review served you well.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below what your main takeaway from this review is. Did you learn something new? Do you have any questions? Let me know below

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$199 ($297 ordinary price) 90 days jumpstart



Happyfiber Bundle





  • Natural product
  • 90 day guarantee
  • 4,9 of 5 customer Happiness
  • Vegan
  • No hormons added


  • Some think the price is too high
  • No guarantee it will work for you


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8 thoughts on “Happyfiber Review for Fit and Happy Climacteric Women”

  1. Hi, thanks for this article about Happyfiber review for fit and happy climacteric women. It is my first time hearing about this product and I think it is a good product for women. I especially think that the happyfiber can work well for pregnant women as well as women with bipolar since it also help with moodswing

    • Hi Nedia! I am glad you think this is a good product for women, but it also works well on mens gut although it is marketed to women. .It is designed to give you a healthy gut. I just need to say I am so happy that men love to read my reviews as well as women. 

      However I would always recommend pregnant women or people with health problems or diagnosis to consult with a doctor before trying a health product. Happy fiber contain L – tyrosine which is an amino acid our bodies normally produce by itself. So Pregnant women and bipolar persons needs to consult a doctor before using it. 

  2. I am not yet in menopause, but I am over 40 and I am soon approaching this period. However, I have heavy menstrual periods, and during this time I also have quite similar symptoms that are characteristic of climacteric women. So I’m wondering if it’s possible to enjoy Happyfiber even before the actual onset of menopause?
    Namely, I like the product very much, it convinces me the most that it is made from natural ingredients and the satisfaction of consumers.
    Thank you in advance for your response.
    I wish you all the best

  3. Hi Hilde!

    Thank you for sharing this article with us! My mum is almost going to her menopause stage. She is getting signs and symptoms that menopause is nearly approaching. I am going to share this article with her, as I believe this supplement will be great for her use and the article has all the information she needs. For example, what are the products, how much to take and the pros and cons. There is also an offer code, which will be great to get a cheeky discount 🙂


    • Hi Amzy! Yes the Happyfiber is a great supplement and is very popular. Thank you for sharing the article. Much appreciated. Let me know what she think about the product should she decide to buy it.

  4. Hi Hilde, thank you for this amazing article. While I am not quite there yet, a lot of my friends are struggling with some menopause and climacteric symptoms. Your Happyfiber review offers a great suggestion to make the symptoms disappear or at lease make them less severe. I especially enjoyed the section where you talk about how happy fiber can help.

    I will be sure to share your article with my friends as well as keep it for my own reference when I enter that stage of my life.

    Thank you for sharing this very informative post.

    • Hi Anna! thank you for your thoughts. What is important is that the person using it feels better after using the product. I appreciate you will share the article with someone who struggles with symptoms. It is very individual what helps for every climacteric women. We are all unique. But I believe that Happyfiber can be a good solution and help for many climacteric women.


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